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Safety at Work

Safety procedures are a legal requirement in most working environments.  A well made safety video is the best way to ensure your employees, contractors and visitors are aware of and understand the rules and regulations and what to do in an emergency.  It is precise, consistent and infinitely repeatable and easily updateable.  We keep all our video edits and everything we film so changes can be made at minimal cost.  Once approved videos can be delivered online, on DVD, on memory stick or on disk for transfer to your own network. 

Inform Your Clients

Some teaching projects cover complex subjects that need to persuade learners to embrace new techniques and change attitudes at work.  We have developed a whole range of techniques to help with this.  We use virtual studios to interview experts on location, autocue for presenters and multiple cameras and microphones to capture group discussions. While actors, props and stages are often used we like to capture real life scenarios to illustrate good practice where possible. 

Training on a Budget

Video production doesn't have to be expensive to be effective. Using in house staff (and pupils in this case), making use of existing backdrops and organising everything to happen over one or two days - all these things keep filming costs to a minimum.  This school video helps sixth form students decide what work experience to look for.

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