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Promote Your Business

From major product launches to short web clips video is still the most effective means of getting your message across in an informative and entertaining way.  We have fifteen years of experience making corporate promos, safety and training videos, documentaries and filming events.  Right from the outset we guide you through the production process with advice on what to film, developing scripts, choosing presenters, voice-overs and actors, and suggesting music and graphical styles.  Once you are happy with the product we show you the most effective way to use and distribute your video to maximize its effectiveness.

Enhance Your Website

With faster broadband and sites like YouTube and Vimeo, video has become an integral part of the web.  You can join the revolution by including promo or training clips within your web pages.  We host your videos on Vimeo which you can embed directly in your website or social media pages.  Using Vimeo rather than YouTube means there is no advertising or follow on videos after your clips play.

Your main video can be split up into short edits - ideal for serial release on social media to keep you in the frame.

We can show you how.

Let Your Clients Do the Talking

No matter how good your other promotional material is, your happy customers are the most persuasive marketing tool.  Video captures their genuine enthusiasm better than any other medium.  Testimonials work. 

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