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Using Aerial Video

Aerial video has become an integral part of TV production.  The viewer now expects to see anything outdoor from above and rightly so because it provides a whole new perspective. Amazing though these shots are they need to incorporate into the main production and mixed with normal filming.  They are there to illustrate the narrative. There is artistry in using a drone well. Flying around things smoothly while gently panning takes a lot of practice.  Gently tilting while climbing to keep the subject framed is also quite tricky.

Drone Use Rules

Shots that not so long ago would have cost thousands using helicopters, platforms and cranes can now be achieved cheaply and safely using UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles).  There are obvious and well publicised dangers though and the CAA set rules for the use for recreational and commercial use.  There are strict no fly zones around airports and other sensitive sites and permission is required to fly over most populated areas.  Any commercial pilot needs to have PfCO (obtained through training and testing) to sell their video or photographs as well as liability insurance.  All our pilots are fully qualified and experienced.

Some Good Examples

An eye in the sky  . . . .

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