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The Montgomery Canal

Commissioned by Canal and River Trust, this short documentary covers the history, conservation, restoration and recreation around the Montgomery Canal. Lots of aerial shots, archive film and the last interview with the late famous canal photographer Harry Arnold.

This was a major project for CMS Video.  It took a whole year to plan and film.  Presented by Alisha Patel-Smith, it is used by Canal and River Trust to encourage people to make the most of the waterways.

You can see the film here 

and a long form DVD is

available from us by email.

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The Knife Angel

Alfie Bradley's Knife Angel statue is famous throughout the UK as protest art against knife crime.  It has been installed in many town centre locations and more are queuing up to display it.

While there are lots of YouTube videos about it, CMS Video filmed the actual construction in a series of documentaries with extensive interviews with victims of knife crime, police and Alfie himself explaining why and how he constructed it.

You can see the full series here 

  • YouTube
Canal Restoration

All over the UK there are groups of volunteers giving their time and effort to great causes.  These canal restorers on the Montgomery Canal that runs though Shropshire and mid Wales show how dedicated they are . . . and how much fun they have.

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